Montana Goat Society

Our Board of Directors

Our Board is made up of locally based folks who raise goats themselves and bring their own skills to the table.

President of the Board

Meghan Stuckey

Hello everyone! My name is Meghan Stuckey and I am the President of the Montana Goat Society. I warmly welcome you to our organization! I am a wife, and a mother to three awesome children. I raise Kiko, Nubian, Mini La Mancha, and Nigerian Dwarf goats on a micro farm in Darby called Triplett’s Gypsy Dairy Goats. The goal on our farm is to come up with a substantial milk/meat cross while keeping the goats small enough to be farmed on a backyard/small scale.

Vice President

Phil Teakell



Kit Perez

Kit and her husband Eric own Liberty Farm, nestled in the mountains of the Bitterroot Valley. They raise Nigerian Dwarf Goats for conformation and dairy, and raise several other kinds of animals as well in an apparent but unintentional effort to recreate Noah’s Ark. They are new but avid freshwater angelfish breeders, with four barn cats and one indoor kitten, two mini Aussies named Loki and Leroy, and two livestock guardian dogs named Lobo and Chaos, who protect the goat herd. In between volunteering with the local fire department, raising her trove of animals, and being a contract intelligence/deception analyst, Kit is currently working on her second book, entitled Tales from Liberty Farm: The Misadventures of Two Goat Farmers.


 Dana Lozier

Dana does amazing work with kids, and will have a full bio up soon!