Montana Goat Society


Our mission is to provide goat farmers, families, breeders and enthusiasts the information, resources, and activities to help them learn about and be successful with all breeds of goats.

Why Goats?
About Us

About MGS

The Montana Goat Society is a non-profit organization that began out of a desire to help anyone interested in goats learn how to succeed with their animals. Whether you have meat goats or dairy, whether you want to show them, sell them, breed them, or just have fresh milk for your family as part of a sustainability or self-reliance plan, MGS seeks to help you find the information, mentoring, resources, and activities you need.

Our focus is education and activities for families and communities, and so we provide a wide variety of programs, classes, and activities:

– Classes for those new to goats
– Mentoring for children and families in goat-raising
– In-school programs
– Showmanship classes and sanctioned shows
– Information on breeding and genetics
– How to get started selling your goats

Whatever your goals are, we can help — get in touch! We may have a representative in your area.




What We Do


Need to learn how to milk a goat? What about breeding for traits? Processing your meat goats? Caring for your goat kids? Whatever you need to learn, we have a class for it.


MGS members are ready, willing, and excited to help you succeed. We love questions, and we want to see all goat owners be able to improve their herds and breeds.

Goat Shows

We will be bringing goat shows sanctioned by the ADGA, AGS, ABGA, and other national clubs so you and your goats can get recognition for your hard work.


Looking for a great goat from a reputable breeder? Looking to sell one? Look no further; our farm directory is stacked with excellent genetics and knowledgeable breeders.


If you’d like to help us in our mission to help make it possible for more families to raise goats successfully, you can donate to MGS. Email to find out how you can help! 

Get Involved

MGS is always looking for great people who are knowledgeable and passionate about raising goats, agriculture, sustainability, and strong families and communities. If that’s you, get in touch! We’d love to see you become a part of MGS!